Cardon Homes LTD. Master Builder


The decision to build a new custom home is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life.  You are about to enter into a contract that touches and transcends both business and personal issues and details.  As a customer you should have complete confidence and trust in your home builder.  Please review the following frequently asked questions:

Will we be shown in writing that the pricing allowances in your quote will adequately cover the costs of our custom home as we envision it?

We will provide copies of actual quotes that show detail and costs to your allowances.  Also you will be kept up to date throughout the process so that you know where you are at at any stage of the process.

Is Cardon Home’s expertise in custom home or spec home construction?

Cardon Homes is proud to specialize in only custom homes.  We enjoy working with our clients on any size home to make a custom home just for their families.  We have developed systems and strategies to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Are you able to deal directly with the person(s) that make the final decisions regarding plans, pricing, and changes after construction has begun or do you deal solely with an agent or sales representative of the builder?

With Cardon Homes you, Carol & Gordon and their management staff will always be available and in tune to your project.

Is Cardon Homes a member of Alberta New Home Warranty?

Yes, Cardon Homes is a full-fledged member of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program and automatically covers your custom home for an additional five year period bringing the total length of structural coverage to ten years. They have received the Legacy Achievement Award for 30 years of service award recipient.

Does Cardon Homes participate in ongoing professional education programs to keep up to date with the latest building techniques, materials and regulations?

Yes…management and staff of Cardon Home continually looks for ways to ensure the highest level of knowledge and materials in the industry.  Following is a list of just a few of the organizations that we have developed long term relationships with:

  • Professional Home Builders Association continued education courses
  • Maintaining Built Green licensing and technical training
  • Maintaining R-2000 licensing and technical training
  • Maintaining SeCor safety courses

How many years has Cardon Homes been in business?

Cardon has been building custom homes in the Grande Prairie area since 1978

Does Cardon Homes have a Service/Warranty Policy in place?

In addition to our new home warranty Cardon Homes provides a complete one year warranty on all of the materials and workmanship that we have supplied for your custom home.

Does Cardon Homes have a current list of trades available to assist in determining whether the builder is organized and pays his bills on time?

Cardon is proud of the team of trades and suppliers they work with that reinvest in our community.

Is Cardon Homes capable and have a proven track record in Built Green and R-2000?

Yes.  Cardon Homes has a proven track record and has been successfully certified by Enervison or NRCAN.  The process’ for maintaining this standard are high and we are proud to have been certified continually since its conception.

Do all our windows have to be white?

Actually, we are happy to say no to this one!  As true custom home builders you can choose the color of your windows as well.  Cardon Homes uses all triple glaze metal clad windows with the newest technology available. With metal clad, unlike PVC many colors are available.