Cardon Homes LTD. Master Builder

The Team

Over the years we have found that our clients deserve a high standard of service. In building our team we maintain the same high standards that we do when building our custom homes. We are blessed with some of the best in the industry.




Joe | Site Supervisor

Joe came to Cardon Homes after years experience building custom homes in the area. The quality standards and strong relationships that Gord and Carol have built over the years attracted Joe to the team.

When you work with the best…it makes my job much more enjoyable, not to mention easier.

Joe focuses on every detail of the job and works closely with the trades, suppliers and clients to ensure that nothing is overlooked. In the words of one long time supplier

Don’t let Joe retire! We love working with him!

Carol | Master Builder

Carol has learned her custom home building skills from the ground up. In going into partnership with Gord over 30 years ago, she became the very first laborer! A quick learner she soon continued her education and has now obtained her Master Builder certification. This enables her to understand all the fundamentals when talking with her Clients. When you build a custom home with Cardon Homes, a team member will accompany you to the suppliers’ offices to discuss options. Carol and Gord both hold the value of function first and ensure that you have a full understanding of the decisions that you make while building your custom home. She becomes your friend to bounce all those ideas and questions off of – and one that will have a very good answer.

Gord | Master Builder

Gord was born and raised in the Peace County and, after a short stint away, moved his family back to Grande Prairie to start building custom homes. After learning the trade from his father, who was a home builder in Grimshaw Alberta, Gord furthered his skills by completing his carpentry certificate in 1981. He then moved towards obtaining his Master Builder Certification. When you build a custom home with Cardon Homes, you will find Gord overseeing all the details to ensure that the quality meets his very high standards.