Cardon Homes LTD. Master Builder

The Difference

At Cardon Homes…the difference is in the relationships! Carol, Gord and their team take the time to ensure that every opportunity is provided for you to learn about your options and make the important decisions you will be making about your beautiful new home.  At Cardon Homes, we build truly custom homes of any size to meet any budget.

It’s really easy – only 6 steps!


Discover Your New Custom Home

It all starts with a Discovery Meeting where you will talk about all the elements of your new custom home like the type you like, where you want to build it, what kind of budget you have in mind and much more. This meeting will set the foundation for you as you dream about your new custom home. At the conclusion of this process a letter of intent is developed to capture all the details that you have discussed. Also, your details will be developed into the initial drawings of your custom home.


You’ve got the Green Light!

At Cardon you have the Green Light to review your new custom home plans and make whatever changes you like! We will even give you the green highlighter!!! We encourage you to live with your plans…think about every season. Where do your favorite things go? Where do you need electricity? Do you need shelving? Is there enough room to walk around? What about storage? What have you seen in other custom homes or magazines that you like? How can you incorporate those in your custom home?

This is the time to really review those plans. The Cardon Homes team will be with you every step along the way to discuss options and ideas on how customize these plans to make this truly your new custom home! Once you have completed this step, we will use these drawings to send out to suppliers and trades to confirm your budget.


On with the Building

Once the preliminary drawings are complete, it is on with the building. There are a few details here we will need your help with! Once we have confirmed your site location and completed a walk through so that you can visualize where the elements of your custom home will be located, it is time to get the required permits in place. We will also lay out some timelines so that you will understand your involvement. While we are able to take care of much of this detail, there are a few items you will be required to complete. And we know that it is hard to believe but now is the time to select your exterior colors and window selections. As these need to ordered, we like to place this order as early in this process as is possible to keep us on track with the agreed upon timelines.


It’s Custom Time!

We build true custom homes…for you. So we include you along the way at scheduled times through the process. We will ask you to attend meetings with suppliers or just walk through your new home to discuss and review the finer details: We know that sometimes what is on paper looks and feels different once we actually walk through the house! Don’t worry – one of the Cardon staff will be there with you and will bring their over 30 years of experience to help you adjust things to ensure the most functional and attractive elements for your custom home. Following is an outline of the meetings you can expect:

  • Plumbing
  • Cabinet maker
  • Flooring
  • Counter tops
  • Railings and baseboards
  • Electrical walk through (review for TV’s, phones, special wiring)
  • Sound and security walk through
  • Framing walk through – (fireplace and finishing, plant shelves, tub and sink locations including faucets)
  • Finishing walk through – closet shelving, mirrors, towel bars, etc.


Get ready…for the New Keys Ceremony!

At this stage it is time to make arrangements for power, gas, water and to obtain homeowners insurance. Once this is done…you can start packing your bags! Once we have all the details finalized we will ask you to come to your new custom home one final time to review and ensure that all the elements are to your liking. Once we have conducted the completion audit we will celebrate with you as we turn over the keys to your new custom home! We will ensure that you have all the paperwork for your warranty and explain all the features and benefits of the products that you have selected for your new custom home.

At Cardon Homes– we know that moving can be stressful – so once you have completed your final walk through – you can go home and start packing your bags. We will take care of getting your new custom home ready to move into.


Back Up the Truck Move in Service

While you are packing your bags, we will get ready for you! We will have your floors, cupboards, shelves, ducts, furnaces, and windows professionally cleaned. You will not even know that we were there! All construction refuse is removed from your property. All you need to do is back up the truck and move on in.

And before you know it, a year will have passed. We ensure that you have reviewed all the elements of your custom home to ensure that any warranty work is scheduled in a timely basis.